Monday, February 23, 2009


This is our "We Love You Daddy Tree". I've been feeling really guilty about the lack of Valentine's thought that I put into Jake. We had a lot of fun, but I didn't do anything personal for him and that is just sad! So, here is my sad and pathetic offering:

Cooper loves you because:
-you give him big hugs and loves every time you come home
-you let him ride on your back
-you'll crawl around the house with him
-you make mundane tasks so much fun (yeah, that sentence came straight out of Coop's mouth)
-you'll play movies all day long for him :)

Luke loves you because:
-you chase him around the house on your knees
-you'll play with him in the netting of the pack n' play
-you hold him a lot more than mommy does when you're home
-you throw him on the couch over and over (in a fun way)
-you do the impossible task of making him laugh when he's getting changed

Ethan loves you because:
-you made him cute, just like you!
-you'll snuggle him from 8-10pm
-you always make him smile when you put his jammies on
-you feed him
-you love him

Emily loves you because:
-you're my "sexy blue eyed wonder":)
-you always ask how you can help me
-you think this bulldozer's sexy :)
-you come home after a long day and have tons of energy for me and the kids
-you never complain about a 2 hr commute (each way), working a full day, and then going to school
-many more private reasons!!:)

Really Late Happy Valentine's!

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