Tuesday, January 24, 2012

G-H-E-T-T-O Fabulous

You read it right, we are G-H-E-T-T-O...Fabulous!

Once upon a time we went on an early morning walk with Grammy around the neighborhood.  We had heard rumors about the neighborhood xeriscaping and, there was the proof!  The landscapers were taking out beautiful, luscious green lawn!  Pondering out loud, I said to Grammy, "wouldn't that be nice to take that beautiful grass and put it in our backyard."  Next thing I know Grammy is going over and asking, not very effectively in English to Mexican laborers, if we could have the grass.  I don't know if they knew what they were saying but they told us that we could come haul it off tonight.
That night, with many curious on-lookers, we began our first of 13 and a half horrible, wet, heavy, dirty, bug-laden, loads of sod.  If I had known at the beginning what I was getting myself in to I might not have done it.  But Jake knew, so shame on him!  Looking back it was worth the rash that covered both of my entire arms, worth the shaking and quaking and not knowing if I could lift one more finger let alone a 75 pound roll, worth all of the jealous passer-byers, worth pushing others out of the way after they caught on to our brilliant idea and tried to steal our grass, worth 2 days of being covered in mud and probably ruining Grammy's vacation, worth it all because.....


The funniest part about this is--a few weeks later they put back the grass from where we took it out.  I guess they had mistakenly taken that section out.  Oh well, their loss our gain!

**Grammy, was it worth it to you?  I am so sorry, but it was your idea:).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fall...Yes, I am Writing About Fall

I am officially writing about our Fall activities in the month of January-what gives?

Grammy came to visit us in October and we had so much fun together!
We visited the pumpkin patch:

 We took her to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens:
 We baked, and ate, Fall cookies:
 We used her for slave labor:
And she smiled the whole time...until we all broke down and cried from exhaustion!

We LOVED having you here, Grammy.  Thank you so much for coming!