Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TTFN-Ta Ta For Now!

I finally get to enjoy my own summer vacation!
We are leaving early tomorrow morning for a road trip to
Utah, etc. We're gonna be gone for about 3 weeks. We actually
haven't sat down and planned it so I don't know when
we'll be back. We're just flying by the seat of our pants.



Hello blogging world!
Aren't those the cutest faces ever?
If we only had Lukey in this pic it would make it

Okay, seriously, it's been summer. We have slowed WAY down on crafts but
I sneak a few in here and there.
I totally delayed on "Q" because I didn't want to do queen...but he actually loved it!
Check out that crown!!

Benefits of living on acreage: camp whenever you want
and let the kids sleep in the house.
Love it!

Ethan is in that terrible "hold me always" stage.
I can't hold him always and he really doesn't like it.
What better to substitute for a mommy than
a jump-a-roo? If only he could figure out how to put any
type of weight on his legs!!

Okay, we read the cutest book this week by Keith Baker called "Hide
and Snake". It's basically a "Where's Waldo"
but easier and with a snake.
The kids have been obsessed!
We made a shape snake after and now I hide
it in their room for them to find. Cheap, easy
entertainment. That's my style!

I sewed!
Yes, I did!
I put together this little owl for Ethan after I spotted on a blog
called Nannygoat. I love, love, love it!
It took about an hour and has a baby wipes wrapper
inside so it crinkles. Ethan loves it, I love it.
You should do it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Little Baby, All Grown Up

I swear, sometimes I look at Ethan and think, when did you get so big?? Some days he just looks huge. He's started doing some bigger boy things. He can hold his own sippy cup, sort of, he can hold his own bottle for about 5 seconds, sort of,
and he can bend out of a bumbo chair-scary!

Independence Day Fun

In all honesty we were kind of lame this weekend. We did go to a really fun parade that was way too hot to enjoy! Check out Luke's sweat:Then we went to a fabulous hostess, Debbie's, house for a BBQ. You should have seen the size of her skewers! They had massive chunks of steak and chicken and then she had skewers of huge peppers and mushrooms. It was so gourmet!!

But...we couldn't stay long because I had to go clean the dental office. Yeah--go America! We did our own little version of fireworks after with our cheapy cheapy sparklers. Hey, the kids loved them and that's all that counts. Then we went to bed. The End.

Next year we'll definitely have to put a little more effort into it. I love to feel patriotic about our country and we definitely missed out on that this year. Favorite song: "Proud of be an American"--always gives me goose bumps!

Cooper touched the hot sparkler-ouch! (There is a blister there you just can't see it.)

Craft/Gift Idea

Okay, this one's a winner! We had a birthday party for Sofia and Lilian this week. Well, their mom is super creative and one of those super interactive mom's. We decided to make them "Tubby Paints" for their birthday. So easy!! All you do is get a jar (I used baby food, of course) and add some dish soap in. Then you add a few drops of food coloring and shake what your mother gave ya! All done! It works like a charm. Cooper made a couple of jars for himself and he requests to jump in the tubbies all day long. Don't worry--it comes right off and really easily too! I'm in love!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Tough To Be Loved

Sometimes Ethan is too loved.
I love the sequence of these pictures. True, I should have been
regulating the screaming but it was just too much fun to watch
it all play out.

And they all lived happily ever after.
Sort of.

Uncle Ryan Came to Play

We were so, so honored that Uncle Ryan came all the way out from Provo to play with us!!
It really was so fun and my kids loved getting to
know him. He left on his mission before
Cooper was born and when he came home we had 2 kids
plus one on the way. We multiply quickly, don't we?
This was the first time he had met Ethan and only the second time to
meet the other 2. He probably got to know us all a little TOO well.
This is why-->

We decided to get out of the house and take a well-needed vacation
to Florida.
Sorry Ryan if you saw our true colors!

Here's the trip in Kodak!

Drive started out pleasant, would it stay that way?

So far, yes. These two sleeping in the
car really is a miracle!

Ryan's first time in Florida, had to document it!

First day at the pool--so far so good!

Still smiling...

Aah! (Ignore the cleavage, the things simply
won't stay put!)

This is why I hesitate going to the beach without Jake.
None of my 3 kids swim!!

Still good, though there was some crying!

Oh no! The drama all begins when Lukey refuses to eat
his lunch. It all goes down hill from there as he screamed for a while
in protest! My rule--you don't eat your lunch you don't eat
anything until dinner. I'm such a mean mom. Oh well, gotta learn that
mom's in charge!:)

Coop's happy because he got to eat all kinds of treats!

Little guy is tuckered out. I love how he sleeps on his tummy while
craddling his blanket.

The next day we went to the beach. I could not believe
how brave Cooper was being. He went in the ocean and loved it!
He even floated by himself in an inner tube. Yes, he was far
enough out to be in the waves. That kid is a fish!
Here's our future Baywatch lifeguard!

I LOVE these pics of Luke. Check out the tummy poking out. That thing
is solid!! For some reason Luke loves
to put his hands down his pants. It's so gross!

Someone call a plumber??

This was after the tide completely soaked our towels. I admit, the
beach was a little miserable. However, Jake and Ryan had a blast
constructing their sand masterpieces!

Aren't the little kids supposed to be building?

We had a TON of fun with Ryan! Come out and play anytime!
We love and miss you!

Monsters, Oh My!

Okay, crafts have seriously gone on the back burner with family being in town and all. I did squeeze one book project in with a lot of family taking part. Was it hard? Not as much as I expected. We read a really scary monster book that I wouldn't recommend. What we were supposed to read was "My Monster Mama Loves Me" but I can never get my hands on it at the library. Then we painted the bags, added scary body parts and stuffed them once they were dry. These monsters were played with until they fell to shreds. Would definitely recommend this one!