Thursday, May 14, 2009

April/May Update

It's crazy how guilty I feel when I haven't updated my blog in a long time! I feel like I'm failing the world in general--when the actual sad truth is that probably no one has even noticed! I've got to get this guilt off my shoulders, though, and update my blog. Bear with me--I will abbreviate this, but it is still bound to be long.

From past to present:

Okay, we decided to light a fire and roast hot dogs and smores on the Hickory Hill Farm. Was this crazy on a hot Georgia day in April? Yes, but it actually turned out to be really fun. I experimented some with my camera. I would say some of them actually turned out good!

Oh yeah, BIG news: LUKEY'S WALKING!! It's an amazing thing!
Some craft tidbits. We were studying "K" this week so we read a cute book about flying a kite and then made our own out of freezer paper, glue and water, and tissue paper. Then we went out and actually flew a real kite. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. It totally reminded me of being a kid again. It was so fun!

Kk-"K" is for Kite!!

Lukey has not only become mobile, but he's also undergone a HUGE transformation. See if you can spot the thing that keeps changing in these next few pictures...

Better bald than mohawked, huh? Tragic!! That mop will grow back out pretty soon.

Okay, more fun at the Allred farm. They are always so generous to let us come play on their pluthera of adult toys...the decent kind of adult toys!:)

Then we headed down to Florida/pool/beach for some fun in the sun and some fun getting to know Beau's new "Boo", Amy. She was pretty cool, passed my test. Admittedly, Florida was hard with having to take all 3 kids to the pool by myself sans Jake. Even harder when I got hit by the "stinky bug" and had the runs for 2 days straight. Miserable! Overall it really was a lot of fun, though! Here's Beau and Amy--
Isn't she cute?? Will she soon be a Jewkes? Who knows?

This is all Ethan did for 3 days. Lucky boy! Isn't he cute?
Luke didn't love the pool, as you can see...
Coop wouldn't get out of the pool, as you can see...
Finally getting to hang out with someone his own age! Jonah was born just a few weeks before Luke, though you couldn't tell by their sizes!

Yeah for Mother's Day! I LOVE being pampered and I was totally pampered. I pretty much stayed in bed and read all day. Didn't have to change one diaper, nope, not a one! Julie made us some FABULOUS crepes that I'm still salivating over. Jake made us a FABULOUS steak dinner (okay, would have been fabulous if the steaks weren't cold by the time we ate them since my parents were really late to dinner). It's the intention that counts. Thank you to my chefs--Julie and Jake. Thanks Jake for letting me be so lazy!
The fabulous reasons for my Mother's Day... (I love you guys!)

Okay, more crafts. Here's our next book project, "The Hungry Caterpillar". We made a caterpillar by dipping a balloon in paint and then on the paper. Don't you love Cooper's sun? I was shocked by it. I drew the circle and told him to color it in and he started putting rays on the darn thing. How did he know how to do that?

Ll-Lions!! and lollipops, of course!
This was really fun and I thought of it all by myself!! The lion's head is Coop's palm and the mane is his thumb. He loves his lion!

I love this pic of him roaring!