Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hazards of Living in the South

First off, my kids are drinkers.  Big time.  You put a cup in front of them or a treat, and they'll pick the cup first.

So...I watch Claire's kids on Friday's.  Lincoln had a Thanksgiving program on this particular Friday so I packed up my 3 kids to go listen to them sing and then eat lunch.  Well, the singing was less than fabulous but that COLD fried chicken lunch looked A-MAZ-ING!  Let me tell ya!

So...I turn around to check on the kids while I dish their collard greens---and WHAT THE CRAP??  All 3 of my kids are downing--and I mean chugging--some sweet tea!  Who gives kids sweet tea?  Especially without asking the parents?  That would be like giving little kids a can of Coke without asking.  At least, it would be like that to me.

I quickly ran over (losing my place in line, mind you) and rescued their tender souls from further breakage of the Word of Wisdom.  I repented for them later that day.:)


Anyhow--I came home and told Claire the story and she was aghast!  She had no idea they served sweet tea there and quickly realized that her kids had probably been drinking it for 2 years now.  She's got some major repenting to do for them! :)