Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anonymous Blog

I was commenting that I didn't have anything ever to blog about anymore because nothing in my life is that interesting. Well, then I decided I could put up some anonymous blogging fun!

You guys will never know who said these things or who owns these things! Don't ask...I won't tell!

Anonymous Blog #1:

(Setting) Discussing the recent hoax of the "sighted" Bigfoot.

Female: I hear you're really hairy too, we should call you Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Male: I'm only hairy on my legs and arms.

Female:I hear your butt is hairy too.

Male: That's connected to my legs!

Anonymous Blog #2:

Can anyone guess what this is? Hint: it's called a "Little John" and it can be quite a hilarious topic of conversation and I admit that I have purchased one as a gift.
Anonymous Blog #3:
Just a fun conversation!
Jake: That lady is the neatest woman I know.
Emily: No she's not, I'm the neatest woman you know.
Jake: Oh yeah, you're right!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dish Network Update

For those of you who are curious, here is my update! So I called in the morning and they told me they would be here at 4 pm. When I hadn't hear from them by 5 I called and they said a technician was on the way. When no one had shown up by 8 I called again and was told that they would email dispatch and I would get a call with the hour. When I called back at 9 after having recieved to no such promised call, I was told I had actually never had an appointment. I was seeing stars in all of my anger. I immediately began hording chocolate (yes, I lost a point!) to make me feel better. After a long set of anger filled calls and well over an hour on the phone I was told that they would "email dispatch" and request I get an earlier date than my newly scheduled August 23rd appointment. I really think I'm getting a hernia. May I highly recommend that no one ever, ever, ever, ever purchases Dish Network. I don't think it's healthy for me to re-live this experience so I'm going to close now. See ya!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Phillipinos & Dish Network

Phillipino's and Dish Network: a bad combination! A lot like oil and water. Now, I have no beef against most Phillipino's. My sister served a mission there and loved them and I've never personally had a problem with them. It's when they started messing with Dish Network that I got a bad taste in my mouth. We had the roof re-done so the Dish Network satellite was removed and then replaced and consequently no longer gets a signal. We've been desperately waiting for 2 weeks to get a technician out here so that we can watch the Olympics (we are HUGE fans!). Yesterday was the golden day that we had all been eagerly anticipating for 2 weeks. Our appointment was an 8-12 pm window. No show! I called at 12:15 and they said they would have someone there by 1:30 (when I had to leave). No show! I get a babysitter to come sit at the house and watch my kids so we don't miss the technician. Arrive home at 5:00. No show! Irate and furious!!!! I call again and I'm told they're in my area and will be there soon. So, Mom cancels our dinner appointment so she doesn't miss them. No show!! I call again at 7:30 and am assured that a technician is on his way. I tell them they're liars. Let's just say I forgot for a little while to be Christ-like. No show!! I finally call when it's pitch black and 9:00 and tell them I simply want them to admit they're lying and re-schedule me for the morning. They tell me they're next available appointment isn't until Sept 2! No way! I talk to the manager and he tells me that a technician reported that they came and we weren't home. What?? I just sat at home, or had someone here, for 14 hours waiting for that technician and I promised them we were home. They described our house and we realized that they went to our neighbors across the street who haven't lived in their home for 3 years. We have a stinking spotlight on our address--how can they miss it?? Then Dad gets on the phone and the flood of anger opens. He assures the man that nobody in the Phillipines can help us get a technician here in Brooks, GA. He demands an American # which they won't actually give him but they eventually connect him to. Poor Leo Avalos-our American equivalent of worthless help. We had about an hour long shouting match which he used to try desperately to prove that I wasn't Jennefer Tasker (which, I know, I'm not but he didn't know that)! Then he heard another mouthful from my Dad who assured him that he would forever be in my Dad's consulting presentations as the world's worst customer service rep ever! I actually started to feel bad for the villianious Dish Network because they were really getting it! Long, long and very frustrating story made short--we've been assured that there is a technician coming today at I believe them? Not for a second...but I'll let you know!!

A Pluthera of First's!!

I decided it was about time to update my blog. I have been so, so bad at staying updated and I'm sorry but ya'll will just have to get over it! So, I had some first's this last week that I thought I would inform the world of.

#1 First:
Luke's walking!! Haha! I'm totally kidding--he can't even support his chunky weight on his 2 arms. I've been trying desperately to get him to crawl but I seem to be doomed to failure concerning his mobilization, or lack thereof.

Real #1 First:
Coop and Luke got badly needed haircuts! It's the first hair cut I'm counting for Luke since Julie, my sister, decided that he needed a trim when I wasn't around a couple of months ago. I'm trying to block that memory from my mind so that I can still be civil to Julie. Post-Haircuts:

#2 First:

I had my first tea party with Cooper. I figured that since the tea set was blue it was more manly therefore okay to photograph for posterity!

#3 First:
I was showering and when I got out Cooper pointed to my chest and said "Ball!". I quickly realized that my days of being naked in front of him should probably come to a swift end. I was flattered, however, that I resembled a ball, I thought I looked more like a deflated kickball!

Those are my first's...not too much to brag about. Have a great week and I hope to have another update before the end of the month.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 Year Celebration!!

Well, we did it! Congrats are in order! We lasted 5 years and 2 and a half kids and are still alive! We spent the weekend celebrating in Gatlinburg, TN. Actually, get this girls, Jake planned everything and surprised me--I didn't even know where we were going for the entire 5 hour drive! Pretty impressive, huh? He booked us at a FABULOUS Bed and Breakfast set in the picturesque Smoky Mountains. It was beautiful! They had 2 ponds stocked with fish, hiking and biking trails, bikes, volleyball, croquet, hammocks, ping pong, pool, movies, games, and spectacular food. It was great! We had a blast touring the town of Gatlinburg and getting our fill of Ripley's Believe it or Not adventures and had some heart-burning southern food every day! It was so fun but I missed my little boys so much I was itching to come back Sunday night. I loved coming home to such inviting arms. Overall feeling of the anniversary: I was glad to find that Jake and I still liked each other. You forget that sometimes in the hustle and bustle of parenthood. Isn't that sad?
This is underneath the B & B (you can barely see it on top) by the fire pit and one of the stocked ponds.
At Ripley's aquarium...they had the coolest shark display!
I love the pic of this shark, his mouth makes him look so happy and nice in it.
At Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. This dude is eating his nose with his mouth. Jake almost got it!
At Ripley's 36 hole golf course. You can't see it but I am holding up 4 fingers to signify my 4th Hole-in-One!! (Jake didn't get any:)) I did beat him by 4 points in the end...which is amazing!