Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Book Project

Today we did a project from the book "Are You My Mother?" Both of the boys LOVED the book and kept asking me to read it again and again. We read the book and then we made bird feeders. We collected pine cones from outside and then put string on them. We covered them in peanut butter and then rolled them in "bird seed" (I was too cheap to spend $3 on it so I just pulled stuff out of the pantry like rice, poppy seeds, and sunflower seeds). Then we hung them outside. Cooper keeps asking me if the birds are eathing it. I haven't seen any yet...maybe I should have sprung for the real food!


The Allred Family said...

ok, ok , i get it. I am lazy! ENough already! :) CUTE! Today we made a "house" for our garden. Go me!

rebabell said...

um, did you mean to leave cooper's hair that long or has he been hanging out in the mountains for a couple of years? if you did, sorry. :)