Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Destiny

Why is procrastinating so easy for me to do?  I dunno but here is my first official post from Albuquerque--it won't be great, but it's something!

For those who know my darling hottie of a husband, Jacob Dean,  you just might know that his family's heritage is very closely associated with trailer parks.  Thus...we truly believe that it is Our Destiny to now be working in a trailer.  Yes, you heard it right, Jake is helping to manage a mobile dentist trailer.  Awesome, huh?  Those Hutchings just can't avoid trailers-it is too deeply engrained in the blood!  I wish I had a sweet picture of it, but I don't.  Just believe me-it is AWESOME!  He loves it and has been learning A LOT about managing, about the dental industry, and about bachelorhood (for 3 months at least while we closed on our home here).  I'd like to say he's happy we're finally here with him-but I'm guessing most nights he's wondering why he didn't enjoy the peace and quiet more while we were away!

On the other hand, I am finally learning what it's like to actually have 3 small kids and have to take them everywhere with me. I had it way easier than I realized.  Somehow getting a grocery cart to contain 3 bodies plus tons of groceries is no easy feat!  And let me tell you-my grocery carts contain all 3 bodies because this momma doesn't do crazy kids monkeying around the store.  Call me anal-I call myself anal.  It's okay.

Thus--because all of my analness and Jake's figuring out work and school and such-our family has officially adopted a new mission statement-CHILAX!  It's a cross between chill and relax.  I have issues.  Control issues.  They are bad.  I often find myself chanting "chilax, chilax, chilax" just let them get dirty.  It's actually been a huge success (at least for this week).

Anyhow-we are happy here and think we will really, really love it.  Our last few weeks have been filled with this kind of stuff:

I don't know why I don't have any pics of Jake.  Note to self-hold the camera sometimes.  Anyhow, I will try and update more but no promises since I have a string of breaking those kind of promises.  Thank you for all of your updates (I do check those) and we love you guys!