Monday, February 16, 2009

All Grown Up

The Hippo in Question:
Cooper brought this hippo magnet up to me and said inquisitively:
C: Sad?
M: Yes, he's sad, huh?

He then disappears into the next room and comes back empty handed?

M: Coop, where's the hippo?
C: Time out.
M: Why's he in time out?
C: Sad.
M: Go tell him he can come out now, he'll be happier. *laugh*

I thought it was so funny and a little sad that he put him in time out because he was sad. What does that say about my mothering??!

Ethan had his first non-screaming tubbies. That's always a big milestone for me because that means they're getting so much bigger! Then I put on an outfit today that was too big--how sad is that??? He's only 6 weeks old, okay 7 tomorrow! How cute is he?

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