Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Kidding!

So, surprisingly, it turns out we were wrong.  When I went into the Perinatalist this afternoon they immediately saw that there were not twins in my tummy, but TRIPLETS!  OH.MY.GOSH!  We are very shocked right now!  We have ZERO idea how we missed an actual baby in the third sack during 2 different ultrasounds, but we did!  All three babies are in separate sacs with separate placentas which is good news!  There is obviously a much higher rate of losing one of them and also of chromosomal deficiencies.  I will be highly regulated during the pregnancy so we will get a lot of answers as we go.  I go back in 2 weeks to measure the spinal fluid in all 3 babies which will tell a lot and for some basic genetic counseling.  Eek!  I feel like I am in a foreign world!  So, keep us in your prayers as we will be needing it!

For your viewing pleasure: