Friday, February 13, 2009

If I Can Just Make it to 9...

My last 2 mornings have been rather humorous and I'm now living by the mantra: If I can just make it to 9 AM...I will survive!

7 AM-wake up with Ethan and feed, play with him until 8 and he goes back to bed
8-get Cooper and Luke out of bed and feed cold cereal; we're all still happy
Between 8 and 9-Ethan keeps crying so I have to go back to "plug" him several times; Luke gets very angry every time I stop feeding him to help the baby; of course he screams each time; Cooper
spills his cereal in his lap and is upset because he's wet all over and he's poopy so I decide to stop feeding Lukey again and change Cooper; very unhappy Luke so he screams some more; I try desperately to tune him out; almost done changing Cooper and I hear a crash; look up and Luke had somehow wiggled out of his booster seat and grabbed his bowl of cereal which was about 3 feet away; bowl of cereal is now everywhere but in the bowl--french doors, cupboards, Luke, booster seat, floor--all covered in Kix and milk; mommy is MAD!; clean it all up and am trying to restore peace to my life and calm myself down by doing my morning scripture study; Luke just want stop screaming and I've already changed 4 poopy diapers; oh wait, it's 9 and Luke is going to bed; ahhh!

4 AM:
danget! I have to feed the baby.
7:30 AM: feed him again and go down to wait for Linc and Ella to come over
8 AM: get Coop and Luke out of bed and feed everyone breakfast
Between 8-9: fill up 7 bowls of cereal; all is well and mommy is still happy; get Luke down but can't hold him so he's upset and screaming; finally fix my own bowl of cereal and sit down to study scriptures; why is Ella crying--she's too old for that?; whoops! she pooed her underwear, danget!; surprisingly, kept my temper in check, she was upset enough with herself; Linc and Coop dump out a whole thing of pens, oh well, at least they didn't draw on the wall; make them clean them up; more poop? What!! my cereal is almost too soggy to eat; WAIT! it's 9 and Luke can go to bed...I ended up changing 5 poopy diapers and 1 poopy underwear all before lunch; life is STINKY!

This is my handy dandy stinky pail. Kid you not: I have to take this to the dump at least once a week. That is pathetic! So many stinky diapers....


Amanda J said...

Good thing that poop pail sits outside! You have accomplished a lot before 9am - way more than me (and most people). I can't wait to see Ethan - Jonah bug and I need to come up sometime :)

The Thomas Family said...

I love it! You literally deal with a lot of poop (I was going to say crap) during the day. Motherhood can be a dirty job. :)

Lindsey said...

Man- I totally appreciate the fact that my kids are playing in the other room right now without needing a single thing from me. I will not complain Then I will forget that I read this post and I will start whining again.

Just caught up on your blog and I love all these cute crafts that you are doing. Hazel is about to turn four and still doesn't know any of her letters! I am such a lazy mom. I think I will get to work on your letter idea. Where do you get those ideas?

rebabell said...

that sounds horrible. you're starting to scare me. wait, i thought luke like never cried?? i honestly don't know how you do it. i think i'd lose it.

Grant and Shalie said...

OK, you are super woman! I would have lost my cool around 8:00 :)

The Child Family said...

Oh WOW!!!!! I don't know what else to say. You are my hero, I can't believe those mornings. Way to go on keeping your cool and staying calm (for the most part). ON the bright side, Lukie takes really long naps :)

The Allred Family said...

Funny funny. I just read this post. SORRY about ELLa crying/pooping. I agree she is too old for that!