Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This Week's Happenings

Nothing exceptional happened this week but I like to update my posts so Jake can see us wherever he is. Plus, who doesn't want to look at pictures of 2 really cute kids?

Cooper has discovered a new passion for baking!! He loves to watch as yummy things are concocted in the kitchen. Here he's making Grandma Becky's famous rolls!! They are so, so, so amazing!!!!!

Coop's favorite position is as follows: on the couch, watching a DVD, blue blanket over the legs, sippy cup in arm's distance. Last night I put him down on the couch without the blanket and he cried until I put it on his lap. At least he knows what he wants!
Our two "oh so boyish" boys! No it's not an optical illusion that these 2 boys look the same size-they practically are!
We had to re-adjust the straps up one level on both their carseats. They thought it was cool to take a ride on the countertop!
Don't I look astonishingly a lot like Jack Sparrow????
Courtesy of the neighborhood McDonald's. While this bandana may conjure up good memories and smiles a plenty for Cooper, for me it's a different story. After the drive-thru lady handed me the wrong food she asked me to pull up. Two more bags were brought out by a non-English speaking gentlemen...yes, they were both the wrong order!! Fourth try was a charm but only half of my stuff came out. I had to prove with my receipt that I wasn't lying. I wanted my ice cream cone and diet coke! I NEEDED my diet coke now! Mission accomplished--except I had no straw. Non-english speaking man soon returns. FINALLY!! I was so looking forward to a nice long sip of my diet coke...but no it was COKE!! Ahh!! I finally went in myself, left my kids in the car with grandma, poured out my drink and refilled it all on my own. That wasn't that difficult was it folks?


Grant and Shalie said...

Your boys are so cute! I can't wait to see them in a few weeks :) I hate to say this Em, but I can't believe how much Cooper is looking more and more like Jake as he gets older! I think its the boy thing, 'cause I think (and lots of people tell me) that bpth of mine look just liek Grant. Well, we are still waiting to hear on a job in Spokane, hopefully we'll find out in the next couple of days. I didn't want to be that far from home, but I will go wherever we can! Besides, I really do miss my friends up there, but I think I will really miss my family when we're gone. Love ya

Grant and Shalie said...

Ok I had a lot of spelling errors in that last comment...sorry, I had Chase on my lap, I really can spell!

The Allred Family said...

i love the pic of cooper "helping" Grandma....He's so cute. I really miss him!! And the kids do too.

Laura said...

Jen Thomas was over here tonight and asked me if I was firneds with any of the Jewkes...I told her that you were the only one that a really knew. She told me that you recently moved here and that you were in her ward. She said that she had you linked to her blog. You have a very cute blog and even cuter kids. They are so adorable. Congrats on the new little one. I would love to hear all about your experience sometime. Welcome back to GA!

Eliza said...

Emily, I am so happy you left a comment on my blog. I totally have read your blog before but didn't know if you would remember me so I didn't comment. Anyway, yes I would love love love for you to put me as a link, I'll do the same for you. btw I can't get over how dang cute your little boys are. Cooper is such a jewkes to me, and your little luke is beautiful. Seriously gorgeous kids!