Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping Trip

So, we decided to go on a shopping trip. I realized that I didn't have any clothes for Cooper after 18 months so we decided to go try and hit the end of the sales at the outlet mall. Seven of us, 4 of those in car seats, piled into my little Honday Odyssey. Here is a play by play (in film) of our fabulous day!

12:30 PM Kids are mostly happy (Cooper had a panic attack when I went into the house so his eyes are red-rimmed). They have fruit snacks, "Cars" is on the DVD, crammed in a car...what more could they want?
1:00 Luke happily sleeping while rapidly ruining his non-existent teeth with his new habit of sucking on his fingers (much to his mother's dismay)
3:00 Coop and Ella riding on the Merry-Go-Round during a brief break from shopping
3:30 Back in the car heading to Costco...Luke looking so, so sweet and loving the air conditioner
After leaving Costco Coop decided to catch a good 3-minute nap before Lincoln started yelling and woke him up. For those of you who know Lincoln you also know that I'm not exaggerating. Sorry Claire!
Emily, Claire, and Mom all wanting to tear our hair out at the end of a 10 hour trip in the Odyssey. What were we thinking? For the sake of brevity I left out several other stops in our shopping trip which added up to the 10 hours. Overall, I guess it was fun to finally get out of the house


The Allred Family said...

i am totally not offended....truth is notmy enemy. There's a reason why we call Lincoln the terrorist. I love your video clip! We watched it at work and showed everyone....It was like having a nanny cam! How fun! We were just laughing with how agressive Lincoln was with Cooper!!! Cute. And I love the pic of Luke with his fingers in his mouth and smiling...I have some mad picture taking skills!!! :) Or your baby is really

Ashley said...

10 hour shopping trip!?! WOW. that is a very long time!

Q likes to put his fingers in his mouth too. I try and pop them out every time I see them in.

My kids also had cradle cap. I used head and shoulders on them, being very careful not to get it in their eyes,scrubbing with a toothbrush, and it was completely gone the next day. but it looks like Luke's could be worse then theirs, but it could be worth a shot.

your family is super cute! I love reading your blog.

Your family is super cute!

Grant and Shalie said...

You are brave! I could not do 10 hours of shopping with my kids, I can't even do two hours with just Chase! Well, I am proud of you for doing it, did you find anything cute? Who is in the video with you and Luke and Lincoln?

Jene and Megan said...

You are a brave woman for having a 10 hour shopping trip with your kids!!

Carole said...

Very brave, but it doesn't surprise me. Nice!


I loved the video. Those boys had me cracking up. I love baby laughter that little giggle is the cutest!

Maylene said...

Oh I feel your pain. Sometimes I think it would be fun to go to the mall (and usually it is only about 3-4 hours total) but by the time I get home I am completely EXHAUSTED! I admit, I really hate shopping now, unless it is online or unless I don't have kids and I don't have to drive in traffic to get there.

KarenC said...

I just did the same thing with my sister and sister-in-law. Only we only did a 7 hour trip -- but we did have 8 kids! They have to wear clothes so we had to go!

Rachel said...

10 hours- isn't that what it always takes to do anything when you're living in Brooks???? :) :)

BarMU said...

ha ha, no it isn't Larry. If it were there would be a little caption bubble that said "*^%$# ya dang *&$%# cow!!" Its not our farm either, just a nice magazine add. We don't even have one tree around here! I am jealous of your surroundings.

The Thomas Family said...

Wow! 10 comments, you must have a lot of bloggin buddies. :) I can see why.
That video is too funny and what a shopping trip! And your right that scalp thing is pretty nasty, but amazing at the same time. Did you say you had a treatment that got all that off? If I were having more babies I would be all over that for our next babe. In house we call it cradel crap because it's so annoying. I'm glad Noah is over his cradel crap phase.
I'm looking forward to play group this week and game night at my house. Our house is going to be partay central. I'm so excited!

jill said...

YOur Baby is a doll!!!
dont worry about the sucking fingers thing.
youll be grateful for that when he is a toddler and hurting himself all the time --and then can comfort himself.
Ezra LOVES his fingers and blankie.
and I sucked my fingers ( till i was 5!!!) , and i didnt even have to get braces.

so cute