Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Office is BACK!!!

Was anybody else out there as excited as I was that the office is back?! As far as American Idol is concerned, I am OK that Michael Johns got the boot, good voice, but he reminded me too much of my brother-in-law Grant in the way he moves, Shalie you will know what I'm talking about. I'm just kidding by the way.
The Office has saved me this week. I have been surrounded by Univision and the wonderful novelas that it produces! I used to think that Spanish was a great language to know, but after the time that I have had to watch all of its wonderful TV programs, I almost wish I didn't know it! I mean how many times a day can a TV station show new episodes of a show called "Passion" every day?? I am going stir crazy in my hotel room that I am sharing with a guy from Honduras who has to have the TV on Univision watching "Pasion" as soon as we get done with work, or he blows a gasket.
Anyway, so I told him (in Spanish) that I need to have the TV from 9:00-9:30 to watch the greatest show on TV right now (The Office of course) or else I just might have to kill him- I mean come on, is a half hour a week too much to ask? Well, he let me watch and watch I did, and I think it was worth the wait! Dwight rules! I am still trying to convince Emily that we need to name our next boy Dwight--what do you all think? Maybe have Shrute be his middle name, Dwight Shrute Hutchings? Awesome!


Ashley said...

We love, love, love The Office! We havent seen the new episode yet, but we will soon! Dwight is pretty awesome, dork, but ya, it wouldn't be the same without him. (we already saw what that was like). Great show!

Katie said...

Jake--found your blog through Bryan' is fun to see how lives change and just had to comment. We LOVE the office and waited for it to be new as well. Dwight would be a fantastic name as my Jake thought we should name our next son that too, but wondered what he would be like :).

Anonymous said...

Love it too

Grant and Shalie said...

Oh my goodness, at first I thought it was Emily posting the comment and it said she was sharing a hotel with a guy from Honduras!! Then I realized it was you :) I was so excited to watch the office last night. I would love a nephew named Dwight! Grant and I were laughing SO HARD when Michael shwoed everyone his plasma TV!!! That's why I love that show, you just don't get humor like that anywhere else
love you guys

Guymon Gang said...

Jake - we got your comment on our blog and were excited to see your blog. So, you are thinking about dental school? I would highly recommend it. Russ can give you more details, but it has been an amazing experience and it will be a great career. I think you should do it! Email us and we can get in touch. Russ would love to talk to you about it!

kateworthi said...

I was SO freakin' stoked the Office is back too! It's jsut hilarious. As I was reading your post though, I thought it was Emily the whole time. And I was like, "wow, how does she know Spanish so well? - and why is she in some random hotel, with a guy from Honduras?" It got pretty confusing for me until I read something about Emily - and I figured it out. ha ha. That gave me a laugh too!