Sunday, April 6, 2008

So I got "Tagged", I'm Just Not Very Interesting


A--ADVOCATE FOR: Baby Wise, Baby Wise, Baby Wise...and I feel like a wise Mom for doing it. It is the smartest, best, never-fail philosophy to parenting babies.

B--BEST FEATURE: Must be my sexy stretch marks because it reminds me of the beauty of childbirth.

C--COULD DO WITHOUT: My sexy stretch marks, though it does create a distraction for the rest of the rolls.

D--DREAMS AND DESIRES: To have lots and lots of perfectly behaved and well-rounded children.

E--ESSENTIAL ITEMS: Q-Tips. 'Nuf said.

F--FAVORITE PAST TIME: I love to read a good book or play the piano and sing if no one's around.

G--GOOD AT: Playing game and getting really upset if I lose. One of Jake and mine's biggest disagreements was over a Monopoly game. That game is officially banned in our home.

H--HAVE NEVER TRIED: Risking my life for unnecessary dangers such as bungee jumping, skydiving, parasailing, etc.

I--IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I probably wouldn't be very practical. I'd buy a beautiful home and have an amazing kitchen. I would definitely get some 4 wheelers and wave runners. I would probably buy my children some clothes that aren't hand-me-downs or off of the 75% off rack. Hmm...maybe I'd buy them a pair of shoes over $2. Then I would go on some really sweet all-inclusive vacations. I would try to save some, but who knows if I would have any left over?

J--JUNKIE FOR: any form.

K--KINDRED SPIRIT: Me, Myself, and I. I don't know if anyone else gets me the way I do. My sisters (and in-laws) and my mom could fall under this category too.

L--LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I tend to not be able to keep secrets about myself so I don't know if there are any little known facts. I think I'm a natural introvert who has developed her extrovert.

M--MEMORABLE MOMENT: Finding out I was pregnant with Cooper. Finding out we were chosen to adopt Luke.

N--NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Purchase a condom or take birth control.

O--OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: A massage-my absolute favorite indulgence.

Q--QUOTE: "If you lose your keys in flowing hot lava, don't go after them because, man, they're gone." Jack Handy

R--REASON TO SMILE: I LOVE being a wife and a mommy!

S--SORRY ABOUT: My inability to keep my mouth closed. I really have the ability to get myself into trouble.

T--TAG SOME FRIENDS: Everyone who's reading this. Yes, that means you.

U--UNINTERESTED IN: Oprah. I've had my fill.

V--VERY SCARED OF: Evil people. I don't like knowing or thinking that there are people out there who would intentionally hurt me or my loved ones. Spiders or non-human creatures invading my personal space.

W--WORST HABIT: Reality shows...I have an addiction.

X--X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Anywhere I haven't already been. Not home.

Y--YESTERYEAR DECADE OF CHOICE: I love the 16th century. I don't know why.



The Longnecker Zoo said...

Emily!! I found Claire's blog and now am stalking your's..HA HA! Your kids are adorable! Last I heard anything about you Reid saw you in the MTC's life been treating you?!?! Well hope you don't mind me checking out your blog. You are a fun read. :0)
Allison Bond Longnecker

Amanda J said...

Didn't I just see you like 3 hours ago, you are one quick blogger! You are a good advocate for Baby Wise and your advice and weekend with your kids have rubbed off on Jonah who is slowly turning into a good sleeper :)It was fun to get to hang out with you this weekend! I will email you the pictures I took this weekend.

Eliza said...

good stuff, I love that monopoly is banned, josh and I fight over stuff like that all the time. I'm totally with you on the reality shows, very very addicting and very very depressing all at the same time. anyway, great list very entertaining.

rebabell said...

Emily-- wow, no shame, girlfriend. i dont think i'll be tagged, b/c it couldn't get better than yours!

Joe & Lara Haymore Family said...

Hey Emily!
I got your blog thru Niki's blog and I now too have joined the blogging world! LOVE your blog--it's so YOU! Sure miss that around here! Hope yall are doing well!

Hillarys little Paynes said...

Emily, I havent checked out your blog in a bit and I loved all the new stuff. What a darling family you have. and If I had millions I would do the exact same thing as you.

kateworthi said...

Wow Emily! That was fun to get to know you a little better. I think we're similar in a lot of ways. Especially the part about not keeping the mouth shut! I am CONSTANTLY sticking my foot in my mouth. It's really embarrassing! But anyway, that was cute. Keep the blogs comin'.

Rachel said...

You really do have no shame- but I think thats a Jewkes thing fo' real. I'm glad Griffin is doing good things for your low-budget shopping though- you really did hit the pot at the end of the rainbow on that one. Can't wait to come and visit and you can show me where in the world you find shoes for $2 b/c I'm always on the look-out for cheap shoes for my kids but I haven't seen any for under 4 and I'm shopping at Wal-Mart.