Friday, May 4, 2012


This is kind of gross but also kind of makes me laugh.  I told the lady giving me the ultrasound today that I feel like I have a couple dozen scrambled eggs in my stomach.  I feel so bloated!  It looks like I have about 24 follicles in my ovaries.  I asked her if it was normal for me to feel so bloated and she explained why it was.  Your ovaries are normally about 2 cm...well, my follicles are going to be about 2 cm each when they take them out which means my ovaries are about 10 times the normal size right now.  I feel 6 months pregnant but without the kicking baby!  They are encouraging me to drink a lot of water and consume a lot of protein to avoid hyperstimulations-a real chance for me since I'm responding so well to the medication!

The bad news is that we've been delayed a day of the trigger shot which means that we will have my eggs taken out on Monday instead of Sunday.  So Jake will have to miss a day of work and I will probably have to stay until Monday whereas I thought I could come home Saturday and spend Mother's Day at home.  Oh well, instead I will spend Mother's Day alone, but very relaxed, in a hotel.

We are still flying out tomorrow around 3 which I am really starting to look forward to.  Is it bad that I am excited to spend 9 days on my own?  No, I don't think it's bad!


The Child Family said...

at least the delay is only one day, and look at it this way, now everyone you know can fast for you on Sunday for the procedure on Monday- see it all works out :)
enjoy your flight, and I hope those scrambled eggs go away soon (love the comparison)

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Oh 9 days of relaxation in a hotel without kids... girl I am jealous!! Glad it's just monday and not a week or more of delay. Sorry you're so bloated, and your follicles are so big, that sounds like not a ton of fun. Good luck, hope you have a fun flight and an extra day of fun with Jake!

Kristin W. said...

That stinks about Mother's Day, but I hope you enjoy your alone time. We are all routing for you and hope everything goes well! We love you so much and our thoughts and prayers and with you throughout this journey!!!

Ryan and Andrea said...

I am very happy for you guys! 9 days without kids IS a Happy Mother's Day, ha ha!!