Sunday, May 6, 2012


 Jake and I arrived in Chicago last night.  It feels very odd to not tote around 3 car seats, not buckle anyone in, and especially not to take all of the kids out of the strollers and take their shoes off to go through security.  I am NOT complaining.  Actually we just talked to the kids for the first time since we arrived and I just then realized that I miss them.  I mean, I love them but I'm having fun with my new found, and short lived, freedom!

 After going in for blood work this morning we hit up the local church for a really nice, and needed, testimony meeting.  We are so glad we went to church because the rest of the day certainly wasn't kept Sabbath appropriate!
 We got to tour the Jelly Belly factory and spent a little too much money on edible souveniers for the kids and Grammy...and for us!
 We drove into Wisconsin and ran through the rain to catch a picture of Lake Michigan.  By the way, it is cold here!  All we brought was shorts and summer clothes so we were totally caught off guard.  We have both purchased sweatshirts since last night!

We are excited for tomorrow morning.  I am going in at 8 AM, getting some anesthesia so they can take out my little eggs and Jake will do his part too.  We will know tomorrow how many eggs we have but we won't know until Tuesday how many fertilized and stuff.  As of now, if we have a day 3 transfer then it will be Thursday, but if we have more than 8 embryos that are doing well then we will have a day 5 transfer, which will be Saturday.

Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers and fasting and messages of love!  We are so grateful for all of our loved ones and their thoughts.  We promise to keep updating!  Loves!


Josh, Dagmar, Sofia, Lilian, Jasper and Espen Jewkes said...

glad you loved your day off! Enjoy the sleep tomorrow from the propofol! Hope you get lots of great eggs, and that several can make it to day 5! We'll keep you in our prayers, let's hope for a big fat + on 5/21!

Amy Ellertson said...

oh my gosh! we just did the jelly belly factory in northern california with your parents when we visited for beau's mission. it was surprisingly fun! haha we're praying for you!

Kristin W. said...

oh how i miss the jelly belly factory! tell me you got a bag of their "bellyflops"--my fave! chicago has so many great museums and the sprecher root beer is AMAZING--you have to see if you can find some at the store or something (they are in glass bottles). well we are all sending our love and support back here in ABQ!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Thanks for the updates, I hope it all goes well! Glad you are having some time alone together, even if it is short, it's nice that you get to be alone for a bit!!