Friday, October 28, 2011

Utah for a While

At the end of the summer we got to spend a few weeks (well, I was there for 3 weeks and Jake was there for about 3 days!) in Utah.

First up, an incredible Hutchings family reunion!  We stayed at the coolest cabin, with the coolest family, and did some really cool things.

Cool, huh?

Then Jake left and I was on my own for a while so what else to do other than take the kiddos to Brianhead by myself?  Not the brightest idea I've ever had but we survived.

Then we headed up to Sundance cabin with my mom and dad and the Sedgwick family for a little R and R and Education Week!!

Wooh!  I am tired again just looking at the pictures.  But, seriously, priceless memories.

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Jessica Sedgwick said...

We had fun with you at the cabin! I need to get some pictures from you b/c I don't think I have hardly any! BTW, what's that last picture all about?