Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Minute to Win it

I have an issue with parties.  I love to go to them and I love to have them.  This one was particularly fun and entertaining!
 I mean, who doesn't love to watch a pregnant lady break dance?
 Who doesn't love to put panty hose over their head and swing their noggins?
 Who doesn't love to string pasta on to pasta?  Don't we all?
Too bad only one couple could take home those incredible prizes.  Totally jealous, Matt and Chelsie.  I kind of want that belt back.


Jene and Megan said...

Oh, how I miss your awesome parties!!! Come back to GA!! Glad you guys are having such a great time where you are though.

Jessica Sedgwick said...

I've never had the privilege of attending one of your parties, but I think it's so cool that you love to throw them. I should get some ideas from you.