Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back Again

Now that we are living all by our lonesome over in ABQ (besides Tasker's nearby) we are going to try really, really hard to blog more.

A quick update: we live in ABQ, we LOVE it!, Jake is still trying to get into dental school and will be taking the DAT this next semester, Cooper just turned 5 so now we have a 5, 3, and 2 year old for 2 more months...instead of a 4, 3, and 2 yr old), and I can't think of anything else.

I am going to start back from where we left off according to our camera.

I was in charge of planning our anniversary this year (#8 woot, woot!).  I love surprises and I knew if I didn't keep it under wraps then no way, no how was Jake going to participate!

Yes, ladies and gents, I took Jake to get a pedicure!  Am I the best wife ever or what?  He was a good sport but I knew with every swipe of the cheese grater thing on his foot he felt like a little bit of his manhood was being stripped away.  Dead cell by dead cell.  The cherry on top: the lady who did Jake's feet asked him if he wanted his toenails painted of which Jake loudly rejected.  Well, she got bored because I wasn't done and proceeded to paint them anyways.  I thought I saw smoke coming out of Jake's head!  Then....the other cherry on top...she started buffing his fingernails!  Jake came out of that place shiny from toenail to fingernail!  He informed me that he would prefer not to ever do that again.  I had to try, right?  Oh, it was fun!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

GLAD you're back, I've missed seeing your updates!

Claire said...

oh my reappeared. Never thought it would happen. YEAH! Your Anniv. date is hilarious. Don't even ask what jason and I did. Nothing. Sad, huh? Hope Cooper had an awesome B-day. We really miss him- and all of you monkeys!

Ryan and Andrea said...

Wow, what a good sport, but that is so mean! Hopefully next year will be better!

The Child Family said...

oh dear!!!!!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

That is hilarious, especially knowing Jake. What color did he get???