Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jewkes in da House!

We had such a great Jewkes family reunion this year.  It is not an easy feat getting 50+ busy, independent Jewkes together but Grandma and Poppy never fail to make it happen!  It was so crowded that our family was relegated to the trailer outside of the house--I'm telling you, Hutchings are bound to end up in trailers wherever we go!

Our first "official" reunion was at Banning Mills, GA.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Luke with cousins Jonah and Oliver.
 Beautiful scenery and even some rock sliding by brave Lucy.

 Hiking with Poppy.

 Cooper with cousins Oliver and Lincoln.
 A 6 hour tree canopy adventure.  So fun!

 The 1st Annual Talent Show.  Definitely a night to remember!

THEN...if having a fabulous reunion wasn't enough...we also had THE FIRST ANNUAL JEWKES COUSINS CAMP.  Oh my gosh!  You had to be there to see how incredible it was.  Many, many, many thanks go out to the Sedgwick family that organized (and did most of the work) for it.  It was so fun to have the cousins focus on getting to know each other.
 All of the original siblings made a banner representing their family.

 Cooper's "cousin buddy" London.
 We were in charge of the Treasure Hunt of Pirate Poppy Redbeard and his lovely wife Mistress Becky.

 What "booty" they all got!
 Planted our first cousins camp tree.
 Making treasure/memory boxes.

 Coolest massive family tree ever.

 The relay race ended with a surprise water balloon bashing.
 So many cute little ones at one table!
 The cousin participants (everyone over 5).

 Jim teaching some skills.
 Best friends.  Makes me happy!
And it all ended with a BANG.  Best memories!  Thank you so much!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

WOW, that's a lot of ppl! How fun though :) that is really neat that you guys were all able to get together and have so much fun together!

The Allred Family said...

What a great post! Wish I had taken pics. And I wish that those pics could somehow get across how stinking miserably hot it was!!! :) That's what i think of. Among other really great things! That pic of coop and link....made me tear up. Really, it did. Those two are sooo cute together. AH! I miss your kids! Oh and that ZUMBA pic of me? Can we take that down. Someone took over my body I am pretty sure. Those cannot possibly be MY legs.

The Child Family said...

Great pictures of a great family!!!! It looks like you had a fantastic family reunion

The Child Family said...

um.... where's the blog post about the Hutchings family reunion>!?!?!?!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

fun pictures! I'm glad you finally updated your blog!!! That was a great summer.

Ryan and Andrea said...

Wow! I miss your family & swear I was born in the wrong one!!