Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Learned In Boston

I got to spend a fabulous 4 days in Boston to help celebrate and cheer on my AMAZING brother-in-law, Jim, in accomplishing one of his life-long dreams--QUALIFYING AND RUNNING IN THE BOSTON MARATHON! For those of you who don't know, this is a MAJOR feat! Only the best of the best make it in and it is a worldwide race, not just national. Yes, Jim, I'm proud of you and I know you're loving all of my praise! By the way, he did amazing, finishing somewhere in the rank of 4,700 out of 26,000. Let me remind you, this is a world competition. Basically Jim is the 4,700th best runner ever in this galaxy! Jim, have I sung your praises enough??

Okay, there were some definite lessons that I learned during my sojourn in historical and beautiful Boston. They are as follows:

Lesson #1

Frankly, I look better with make-up. After coming home and looking at my pictures I realized I look pretty horrendous without make-up. I have made an effort ever since ( a whole 2 days!!) to wear it more often so my hubby still thinks I'm a hot mama!
Exhibit A: without make-up Exhibit B: with make-up (this is the USS Constitution--the longest running commissioned ship in the Navy--a.k.a. "Old Ironsides")

Lesson #2

People in Boston are RUDE! I mean the people from the city, not those visiting. Love the city, hate the people! We were purposely mis-directed MANY times, I was personally sworn at several times for pushing a stroller on the sidewalk (for crying out loud, how do they think they got around when they were still in diapers), many a men watched idly as my sisters and I struggled to get all of our luggage, babies, and strollers on and off of buses (whatever happened to chivalry?), next to no one offered their seats on the subway when both Rachel and I were carrying babies ALL day long, and I could go on but I won't. I love southern people!
(This is at a DELICIOUS breakfast place in Boston. It was so good that we stood in line for nearly 45 minutes before eating. It was worth every second!)

Lesson #3

In the words of Claire, "I would look so hot if I lived in this city!" Here's why. They had this AMAZING farmer's market where there was gobs of fruits and veggies for next to nothing prices. I'm talking 3 lbs of yummy grapes for $1!!! AAHH!! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I would totally eat healthier in a city like this. Negative to farmer's market: I had the "F" word thrown at my many, many times for DARING to bring a stroller in--crazy Bostonians!

Lesson #4

If you take a child, it's not a vacation. I don't think I'll make that mistake again. Love you, Ethan!
(This is Ethan with his cute cousin Lauren)

Lesson #5

Some things just shouldn't be done with a baby in a sling. These pictures need no words.(This is at Harvard--they had tire swings set up all over the common. I thought it was a fabulous idea--too bad I couldn't fit my left thigh in it!)

Lesson # 6

Sisters and mom's are the best to vacation with! You can stay up all night and gab, cry because you had really crappy sleep, eat chocolate to your heart's delight, and walk around in your garments and care less. I had such a blast! (Jim and London, you were fun in your own way, too!)

Lesson # 7

This is the most important one so I saved it for last. If you have a dream, even if it seems unattainable and super human, go for it anyways! Jim really did inspire me with this one. I really, really am proud of all his work and determination. I never would have set my heights so high because it seemed impossible, but he set it high and then he accomplished his dream! I've learned that it's okay to dream big and hope that I'll be able to accomplish the dreams/goals I've set for myself.

I love me some Boston!


The Allred Family said...

I LOVED that post. You totally captured everything I would say about Boston. We really did learn those lessons. And I love how in the end you brought it around in a positive light to praise Jim. He is amazing. I am in awe! LOVE LOVE LOVE the things you shouldn't do with a baby part! LOL!!!!!!

Debbie/Mom said...

I am so glad that you all had so much fun in Boston...despite all the hassels!! I am so, so jealous that you and your mom and sisters get together like you do!! Someday maybe we can all do that too!

Rachel said...

I miss this already...great post...I totally forgot to mention all of the rudeness we encountered. I'm so glad we could all go- it was so much fun.

Cara said...

YOU WERE IN BOSTON FOR FOUR DAYS and didn't call me!!! I am so sad! I live just outside the city in Cambridge! ... and the comment about Boston people being rude - TOTALLY true (except for me!!)

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Those were great lessons and all were right on! I had a great time with you gals.