Friday, April 10, 2009

Craft Update

Okay, so when it rains it pours! I keep meaning to update but then I don't. Those who are fellow procrastinators know what I mean. Here are some things that have kept us busy lately!

For those of you who claim it's too expensive to craft check this out--Coolest craft ever and it only cost $1! I bought the $1 Epson Salt at Dollar Tree and then mixed food coloring in the bags. Then I just recycled old bottles. Beat that! Yeah! Seriously people, it might take an initial investment of like $20 at the dollar store and then you're set for months. Stop making excuses!:)

Shake that salt!!Then we played a color hunt game where I would hold up one of the bags and the kids would go run and try to find something in the room that was the same color. Of course, the first one with it right got a treat--gotta have incentive!
Then we made rainbow jars. Messy? A little. But Priceless.

Yeah, sometimes I think I'm crazy--otherwise why on earth would I let a 15 month old finger paint?? It lasted about 1 minute before the fingers started going in the mouth. Maybe we'll try again in 6 months...maybe.
Ii-is for ICE and ice cream and igloo and lots of other hard things to come up with!

I mixed Epson salt with almost boiling water. When it dries it takes on the appearance of ice. Pretty cool if I must say so!

We did a FABULOUS book project from the book "Don't Mention Pirates". We read the book and then...Cooper put on his pirate hat and rode in his "boat" to look for treasure...spotted!!...
He loved the random treasures he found. I'm telling you this project was a winner from the very first minute!


Rachel said...

Looks like your on Ella and Dee Doo's list for "Favorite Aunt"- how can anyone of us compete with this? :) So fun.

Tami H. said...

Looks like fun!

Houghtons said...

Emily, Suzanne Christen led me to your blog. Your family is beautiful!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

You are seriously talented (or bored and looking for things to do, which I know isn't the case). Good job!