Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Don't you love this time of year? You can finally go outside again if you're brave enough to ward off the wasps, pollen, etc. I love it when the azaleas start to bloom and the world turns green again. Plus, there's something so precious about little boys in short jammies.
We had some fun at Chuck E. Cheese. The one of Lukey and the mouse was literally 2 seconds before he burst out in hysterics with fear and launched himself across the table at me. It was pretty stinking funny.

My parents are tearing out and replacing the concrete around the pool area. The boys have been faithfully watching the tractors and men working for days now. Here's Jake having a little fun in a Bobcat that certainly is not his. But they left the key in it--Not Guilty.


Rachel said...

Tell Mom and Dad they better have the pool done by June- when we come and visit--there will be mucho swimming!!

The Child Family said...

How fun!!!! I wish I could have seen the Chuck e cheese issue. Was he scared of the mouse?
Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!! your parents house is so amazing. I miss georgia, but mostly because you guys are there!!!!