Monday, September 1, 2008

Rain and Fires

It's not often that you get to light a fire in the middle of August in the South...unless you're vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains and it's done nothing but rain for days! I took the boys with my parents and Beau and Jacob up to North Carolina to stay for a couple of days in an all-expense-paid cottage! It was really fun, if not really wet! It was probably Cooper's dream come true since we went out and played in the rain for a while..."his one true wish". He is ALWAYS begging to go and play in the "rain" (a.k.a. the sprinklers).

We had such a nice, nice time in the very quiet NC mountains. We went swimming, hiking, fishing, playing, gaming, golf carting, and all of the other relaxing -ing's you can think of. The bad news is that I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen (I believe from carrying chunky Luke in his carseat) and it's not capable of healing since I can't sit around all day and my tummy is rapidly growing with it's weight directly on that muscle. I've been pretty miserable and letting people know it! What a grump!

Anyhow: here are some adorable pics...just imagine if I had a good camera and actually knew how to use it!

After I failed at lighting the fire twice, mom took over and told me I had to get pine wood and I had to get more kindling. I had no idea my mom was so outdoorsy!!
Look at the blazing fire!Yeah, I know it's crazy that we're going to have another baby in January! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it! People are beginning to look at me like, Dang, that girl needs to get on some birth control! If they only knew!!!
Look at that "cheese" grin! I love it!
Grandma loves, no is heavily obsessed, with our little Lukey. He LOVES the attention! How can you not love this face?The infamous wooky loft. This was definitely the most enthusiastic face we could get out of Cooper--he was terrified!They had the MOST beautiful golf course set in the highest peak of the mountains. Loved it!


Bar M U said...

I think you're a champ and I couldn't be more happy for you. I love the pict of you holding the boys - gosh they are growing up so fast!

The Allred Family said...

ok, yeah you just did like 5 blogs in the past couple days.