Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anonymous Blog

I was commenting that I didn't have anything ever to blog about anymore because nothing in my life is that interesting. Well, then I decided I could put up some anonymous blogging fun!

You guys will never know who said these things or who owns these things! Don't ask...I won't tell!

Anonymous Blog #1:

(Setting) Discussing the recent hoax of the "sighted" Bigfoot.

Female: I hear you're really hairy too, we should call you Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Male: I'm only hairy on my legs and arms.

Female:I hear your butt is hairy too.

Male: That's connected to my legs!

Anonymous Blog #2:

Can anyone guess what this is? Hint: it's called a "Little John" and it can be quite a hilarious topic of conversation and I admit that I have purchased one as a gift.
Anonymous Blog #3:
Just a fun conversation!
Jake: That lady is the neatest woman I know.
Emily: No she's not, I'm the neatest woman you know.
Jake: Oh yeah, you're right!


The Allred Family said...

FUNNY!!! I told you your life was interesting! :) You just have to think outside teh box. Hope you don't get into trouble with owner of "the little john".

Amanda J said...
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rebabell said...

Do I get a prize for knowing who all these are about? Hint: shouldn't have left it on his backseat.

The Child Family said...

Fun stuff, I'd never heard of a Little John before.
Did you guys decide on a name for your new baby?

Abbynormal said...

I thought Sass was a female????

Little John.. It seems like some sort of plunger. John of course makes you think of The John.

The Gardner's said...

We have been horrible at blogging as of late! I just read the good news! Congrats on the baby! We are SOOO excited for you. It must have been such an amazing surprise!
Good luck with all your little ones!

Bar M U said...

just don't name the baby "john" after that blog :)