Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and Llamas-Oh My!

We had a really fun time this Saturday. We took off to this place in Griffin called Noah's Ark Rehab Center for Animals (I know, I didn't know that Griffin could actually offer something good!). This is a place for all of the drug/alcohol abusing animals to go. Haha! Just kidding! It's where injured animals go to recover. Anyhow, it was super cool made even cooler since it was super free!!!! Cooper had the TIME OF HIS LIFE since his new passion is animals. Proud little mama over here when he named nearly every animal and what noises they made. Luke had the time of his life off-roading it in the stroller. Seriously, he was just laughing and giggling with every bump. It was precious! Here is a pictoral show of our event!

Is that illegal? I don't know-but don't tell!
If you look really, really hard you can see a black bear out there.Fattest pigs I have ever, ever seen and probably ever, ever will see.Taken in front of 2 huge wolves in honor of Luke a.k.a. "Wolfie" (pronounced incorrectly as "Woofie")
Look at all them there llamas!


The Child Family said...

Wow, when you catch up on blogging, you really catch up :)
First off, I love coopers hair cut. He looks so much older, but it looks so adorable moppy too. Did Luke get one as well?
The rice krispies looked like a lot of fun. I really like your "live in the moment" idea. I think I'll give that one a try.
Was it just your little family that went to the animal rescue park? My kids would be in heaven in a place like that!!!
You are looking so cute and pregnant, and I LOVE the name you are more than likely going with, Ethan Hutchings, has a very nice ring to it.
Hope everything else is going well, I was so sorry to hear about your sprained tummy muscle, I hope everything's OK as far as that goes.

rebabell said...

Forget the zoo when you have places like that! I can't those pigs!

Annica said...

Your boys are so cute! And it looks like you all had fun~

Grant and Shalie said...

Looks like a fun day at the rehab center for animals! I can't believe how big your boys are!

KarenC said...

Look at you, all cute and pregnant!

Lindsey said...

that's hilarious that you put a comment about huge pigs right above Luke's head! haha. you are such a cute prego mommy.

The Allred Family said...

wow, those pigs' bellies are almost draggin. All the donations to that place are probably going to help those pigs keep up with thier appetites. And I love that last pic of LUke....aww.

Bar M U said...

oh my golly those pigs are funny! I need to post a pict of those pigs on my fridge and look at it when I get the munchies!
Luke is getting SO grown up!

Christian said...

I love stuff like that. Luke is looking so old these days.