Sunday, September 7, 2008


Those scary elf men on the front of Rice Krispy treats visited my home with a vengeance! When my boys (yes, both of them) started attacking my bowl of sticky, ooey, gooey rice crispy treats I had to take many deep breaths and remind myself to simply "live in the moment". This is my self-diagnosed therapy when my kids are making a mess but having a really good time and I just want to shout "STOP! Mommy can't handle the mess. She too OCD!!" It did actually turn out to be fun and very easily cleaned, so I was glad I let them revel in the ooey gooey!

Just a whole different kind of mess--but a very cute one!

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The Allred Family said...

I need to practice that technique of telling myself to live in the moment...except when it comes to making food for others...j/k