Tuesday, February 28, 2012

His Inner "Bad"

My hubby is the best.  He has all these funny quirks that you would never guess.  Such as:

Karaoke.  On his own.  So cute.
 He wants his children to be "manly" and build stuff.

 He hikes and carries kids up the mountains (or hill) like it's nothing!
 He takes LOTS of pictures!  (I delete 2/3 of them behind his back and it makes him super sad....but, who wants to look at 4 different pics of the same thing?)

 He walks uphill in the snow, barefooted
 And he's not afraid to dance!

Who's Bad?


Debbie/Mom said...

Yep! You captured Jake perfectly!!
Love your posts Emily. I am so impressed with your consistency... I would have given up long ago...what am I talking about? I don't even HAVE a blog!!!! :)

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Oh this makes me miss my brother!! We miss you guys! I can understand his passion for taking pictures, that's for sure!

Chad and Carole said...

I think all men want their boys to be 'manly'. Right now Tyler's favorite movie is Strawberry Shortcake and it's killing Chad.

Claire Allred said...

The funniest thing by far is that he does karaoke on his own...pure hilarity!