Monday, February 20, 2012

Chore Magic

I thought my kids were too young to do chores.  But then I went to Enrichment and we had this awesome lady give a talk on giving your children responsibility.  I immediately went home and made a VERY ghetto, but very effective, chore chart:

 And ever since I have mild notions to elect myself as "Mom of the Year"...those of you who know me well know that is a HUGE joke since I have meltdowns weekly about my inability!

It is A-MAZ-ING what your kids will do for a dollar store toy or an ice cream.  Best of all, it really has taught them responsibility.  I don't even have to threaten them...most days!


Debbie/Mom said...

You are an AWESOME mom Emily!!! That chore chart works really well, unless of course I'm there, and I do their chores for them, then maybe it doesn't work so well...oh well, what's a Grammy for????

Claire Allred said...

Totally agree. I have recenlty started to put my kids to work too when I realized I literally couldn't do it all and they could and needed to! I havenot unloaded the dishwasher in weeks and they actually put away their own laundry (their drawers look a mess but I don't even care any more!). Anyway...we pay them .25/week. They think they are rich. I cannot believe how tall and old Luke looks in these pics..