Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Halloween, Before, During, and After

I feel like I celebrated 3 or 4 different Halloween's this year so that is why you are getting a Before, During, and After. 

Before (Trying to decide what to wear, pumpkin carving, etc.):

 Cooper was the only decisive one!  
The final products: Coop=pirate, Luke=Optimus Prime, Shuggy=Bumblebee
 THE PUMPKIN WARS! Jake is a pumpkin carving enthusiast so this is a big deal in the Hutchings household.  Perfection is demanded, therefore Emily is the photographer as my lack of patience usually results in a hideous pumpkin!

Jake's pumpkin (mine is not pictured as it was not worthy of a picture!)
 Our outdoor decor thanks to Dollar Tree!
 Caramel apples which, admittedly, didn't fare too well!
 Coop's adorable holiday preschool teacher put on a really cute Halloween buffet!
 Like father, like son for the Ward Trunk or Treat

  Like mother, like...Pocahontas?
We went with the kiddos cousin's, the Tasker fam.  It was fun to go to a rich neighborhood!  The kids got several big candy bars which may or may not have been secretly confiscated by the parents.

 Hayden and Luke
 Scored a big candy bar from Hermione...and glow necklaces!


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