Friday, March 2, 2012

Jake turns 32!

That sounds SO old!  We are mourning our mounting age like it's goin' out of style!  Here's how we celebrated...I was pretty lame this year!

 The traditional sprinkle pancakes for breakfast:

See those wrinkles?:)
 His favorite, A&W for dinner!
 And a store-bought red velvet cake!
 The traditional candy gram of love!
 His gift from us and my mom, Glee for the Wii
 His inner rock star!

Happy Birthday honey!  Maybe next year we won't have an ice storm that prohibits all of the previously planned events.  I LOVE YOU, ya old fart!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Now he's 32 and 1/4!!!! Even older!!! Glee for the wii sounds so much fun! Great idea. PS LOVE what I can see of your house... it would be nice to see pics of the ENTIRE thing!!

Rebecca said...

happy bday jake! it blows my mind what a karaoke nut he is. wow. never saw that one coming. i'm also kinda intrigued by his awesome christmas mickey mouse shirt. does it come in tall?:)

Chad and Carole said...

That last line is so you...I could see you saying it in my head...Happy Birthday Jake