Friday, December 18, 2009

Xmas Gift Sharing

Okay, I'm kind of proud of these so I'm going to share. I'm giving to Jennefer this year and she is into wreaths. I made these "4 Seasons of Wreaths" for her. Hopefully she'll like them and hopefully she doesn't check my blog...she's never told me she does!





Alicia said...

You are so creative....She will love those!

Rebecca said...

those are really cute! i love the winter one. that's a great idea. i kinda cant believe how crafty you are. maybe it's all those years of "antique-ing" tables for Dad.

Connie said...

Those are great Emily!! You are definitely the crafty lady!! I am always impressed at all of the things you do!! Your Halloween jars were the best and they hardly cost you anything! (I know - I watched you make them!)
Reba - some have it some don't . . . he he he!!

The Allred Family said...

I love them....esp. the winter one. I want to make that. you'll have to show me how.

Meredith said...

one question...

where do you find the time??

They're awesome!

The Thomas Family said...

So CUTE!! I love the Winter one as well!! Your lucky sister!

You're so talented Emily. :)