Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lots of crafts! We finally finished the alphabet so here are our last 2 letters. Y is for Yellow.
Okay--awesome, awesome quiet toy for church! I bought a cheapy photo album ($1 at Big Lots). Printed off cartoons from here. (This is the only site I could find where I could print a 4x6 cartoon.) Inserted them into the protectors. Then I bought these mini dry erase markers and through in a felt eraser. Stapled it together and VOILA! A perfect church toy! Cooper loves, loves, loves this. Plus, when he gets a new obsession I'll just print those cartoons off and take out pages he doesn't like anymore. I feel brilliant...oh wait, I just copied the idea from some blog!

Z is for Zebra...and not much else! It was rough trying to come up with Z examples!

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