Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Goals

First of all--I added lots of posts. Look all the way down!

We're gonna do some new ones and some ones from last month that I didn't accomplish.

1. Reach my goal weight--FINALLY!
2. Make Froot Loop necklaces--and eat it!
3. Plan a fun, different, creative date for Jake.
4. Spend 10 minutes per day with Cooper.
5. Spend 10 minutes per day with Luke.
6. Spend 10 minutes per day with Ethan.
7. Throw a Christmas/Fondue party.
8. Make a Christmas list for Jake.
9. Stay within my Christmas budget.
10. Act out the Christmas story with the kids.


The Child Family said...

Wow that's a lot to take in in one sitting.... maybe instead of blogging once a month, you should break it up a bit :)
Thanksgiving sure looked fun. The crafts look great. I'm with you on the video game thing, someday we may own a wii as well, but that day will not be for awhile.
Good luck with your December goals, I'm sure you'll do great!!!!!

The Fox's said...

I think your amazing! I love reading your blog and your monthly goals. And I am supposed to ask you how you get your babies to sleep at night. My Mom thought I might want to hear your ideas on all that. I am definitely interested! :)

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Sounds like some good goals! Maybe next Dec I will be at my goal weight!! Wish we could see you guys for the holidays, it seems like its been way too long since we've been together. Let's all get rich and change that!

Meredith said...

awesome. Can't wait to see how you do. I'm headed down to the older posts! :)

Jene and Megan said...

I love all the new posts! The pics of your boys are really cute! I like the bangs too (of course I'm biased to them) but you should wear them more...I haven't seen you with them!!

Shapiro said...

Emily... you're a babe! You always have been! You look great and your kids look happy... what a mamma and what a lady! I love you! We miss the Happy Hutchings!