Friday, August 15, 2008

A Pluthera of First's!!

I decided it was about time to update my blog. I have been so, so bad at staying updated and I'm sorry but ya'll will just have to get over it! So, I had some first's this last week that I thought I would inform the world of.

#1 First:
Luke's walking!! Haha! I'm totally kidding--he can't even support his chunky weight on his 2 arms. I've been trying desperately to get him to crawl but I seem to be doomed to failure concerning his mobilization, or lack thereof.

Real #1 First:
Coop and Luke got badly needed haircuts! It's the first hair cut I'm counting for Luke since Julie, my sister, decided that he needed a trim when I wasn't around a couple of months ago. I'm trying to block that memory from my mind so that I can still be civil to Julie. Post-Haircuts:

#2 First:

I had my first tea party with Cooper. I figured that since the tea set was blue it was more manly therefore okay to photograph for posterity!

#3 First:
I was showering and when I got out Cooper pointed to my chest and said "Ball!". I quickly realized that my days of being naked in front of him should probably come to a swift end. I was flattered, however, that I resembled a ball, I thought I looked more like a deflated kickball!

Those are my first's...not too much to brag about. Have a great week and I hope to have another update before the end of the month.


Jen said...

The ball . . . . that has me cracking up! Kids say the darndest things. I'm going to be really sad when I have to start being decent in front of Luke. I guess that gives me about seven more months, considering the age between my Luke and Cooper.

Abbynormal said...

Ohhh your boys are adorable! Can't wait to see the next one! And if Tyler ever says anything like that to me it'll be the last time he sees me naked too............ JK i think it's cute!

Rachel said...

That "ball" story is pretty funny. Its always interesting to see what kids can come up with when they see their parents naked- and I think I've heard a comparison of just about every body part to something pretty hilarious. Are you showing yet?

Grant and Shalie said...

So funny! If your boobs look like balls, than should feel awesome! Mine look more like a tetherball, you know, round, but not til you get to the bottom!

Lindsey said...

What in the heck is PLUTHERA?!?! You should use before you try to use big words on your blog. HAHA! I love you.

They are just so darn cute, Em. I love the boob story. I could tell a few similar to that!