Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun!

I want you all to see my adorable children and the fun we had with the Easter holiday! Well, mostly fun...Cooper was sick so he was quite crabby, but Luke was great! I always love the Easter season because it seems like the earth is renewed. The flowers are beginning to come out, the grass is turning green, and the animals are making their appearances and noises. Everyone just seems happier. We had such a great time in church learning once again about the Atonement and Resurrection. I was able to sing in the ward choir this year and I really enjoyed learning songs about our Savior and feeling my testimony grow through music. I am so grateful for the Resurrection and sacrifice of our Savior.
I affectionately call this picture "my boys". Jake left last night to go work on a shooting range about 4 hours away. He'll be gone for about 4 weeks (hopefully coming home on the weekends so don't feel too sorry for me). We'll miss you so much!!
There are 2 things I've learned this week: never get between a boy and his cars....and never get between a boy and his candy eggs. Duh? Well, Cooper's basket was overflowing and so I took a few out to lay on the table while he continued his hunt. Bad move Mom!! He would not budge from his spot until he had all of his eggs in the basket. Problem was that every time he moved the eggs fell out. Little did he know that once he fell asleep Mommy was going to empty all of his eggs into a community treat jar!! Evil Mommy!!
The family with the beautiful yard at Poppy's.
At the ward Easter egg hunt the first egg Coop picked up had a Snicker's in it. After that the hunt was off. He had to have his Snickers!
Ella is so sweet! She couldn't wait to show her "haul" to Cooper and immediately ran over and started shoving all of her candy into Cooper's hands. If you look closely you can see the chocolate mustache that Cooper has obtained, pre-pubescent mustache.
The family #2...I like #1 better but the pond in the background in this picture is so picturesque.
This is the first time I've been able to dress our boys identically. I think they look so cute! My little boys-I love them so much!!

I love this picture! Cooper loves to give Lukes kisses...Luke, on the other hand, doesn't exactly love to be mauled by Coop.

Cooper and Luke with their cousins Ella and Lincoln.


The Allred Family said...

Cooper adn Luke have some really cute cousins.....What are their names, Ella and Lincoln? Was that is??? Your kids are pretty dang cute too. I love their mathing outfits.

The Thomas Family said...

What DARLING kids. They don't even look posery. Okay, that didn't work as well as I wanted it too, I was just attempting to be funny.
Anyways,love your family pictures. I also got to match my boys for the first time yesterday. Soo cute.
The chior did do an awesome job yesterday. Loved it.
Sorry about your husband leaving. I'm hear for ya if you need it. Been there, done that, and hate that.
Also, we are cancelling play group tomorrow. My kids are both pretty sick. Little Noah has a high fever. I guess Avery is sick too. So, next week my house 11. Be there or be square. :)


Looks like you guys had a really nice Easter. That is such a cute family picture of the 4 of you. We miss you guys.

rebabell said...

Cute pics and cut outfits! Sounds like you guys had a great Easter. I'm jealous b/c i totally forgot to do our Easter-egg hunt- I bought the candy and eggs and everything!

Grant and Shalie said...

You guys are so cute! I wish the weather was that nice up here, its still rainy and kind of cold. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and we were unfortunatley in the car all day! Glad you had such a fun Easter

BarMU said...

What a pair of cuties. Luke is growing fast. So our hubbies must be playing phone tag - we are never home, sorry! I'm jealous of the green grass and blooming flowers!

Amanda J said...

Looks like a fun easter hunt! That is fun that the cousins get to play together so much? You coming down the beach in a few weeks?

Tara said...

Emily! I am so excited that you have a blog--now I can see all that is going on with "the nomads." Your family is super cute too! Those boys are adorable. :)

So...I have some news for ya...I don't have your phone email me and let me know what it is...K?

Loves, Tara