Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am now officially "white trashed" out!

Dollar Palace vs WalMart
More Funny Pictures and Myspace Layouts

It's official! I am now grouped into the majority of the population that takes advantage of the government--and I love it! Yesterday I officially signed up for WIC (the day before Jake got employed) and felt so, so satisfied when I went to Wal-Mart and purchased 5 cans of formula for NOTHING! I have to admit I was really embarrassed but mostly proud that I figured out that paying my taxes for so many years is finally paying off! For those of you offended by the post, "I'm sorry!", but I don't feel that bad.


Hillarys little Paynes said...

Been there, Done that, felt the same, way, and Im just really glad to know that i'm not the only dirt poor person in the Jewkes family. Just so you feel better, We've been this poor our whole 5 year marriage. I figure if you qualify then you deserve it. haha

The Thomas Family said...

Ditto to the comment above.
Love the article you posted. That is too funny. How in the world did you find that? :)

Grant and Shalie said...

You shouldn't feel bad at all. I much rather tax dollars going to that than some of the other things they go to. Jake was telling me about it, and I'm tempted to see if we qualify, because I'm NOT breastfeeding our next baby and if we can get free formula, shoot, why not! In the meantime just know that I'm jealous and will be thinking of you everytime I pay 2.50 or more for a gallon of milk and 4.00 for a box of cereal!

Maylene said...

Oooh, free formula! I am soooo jealous. That's nice that you qualify. Actually we just purchased our very last can of formula and after that Sophie will be done! I can't wait, now if we could only get her potty trained. I totally laughed at that funny newspaper clipping! You've got to be kidding!

rebabell said...

wow- i cannot believe that newspaper article. thats amazing- white trash to the max.