Monday, March 5, 2012

Christmas: Before, During, and After

I LOVE Christmas so, so much!  I love the feeling in the air, all of the different Santa's, the food, the family...oh, it's so fun!  Here is our before, during, and after!


 At the Festival of Trees
 So nice to have snow!
 We have an awesome place where you can go for free, and really cute, Christmas fun!
 Hands down the cutest Mr and Mrs Claus

 At our ward party...Cooper very cleverly noticed that Santa must really like shoes since he changed from cowboy boots to black boots in the same day!

 Stick on's from Grandma Becky!
 The family arrives and the 2nd annual gingerbread house competition begins!

 Hot glue is how we roll!

 My absolute fave part: Cooper did this all by himself.  The gingerbread man roasting a marshmallow!  I love it!
 The stockings waiting to be filled!
Okay, just kidding, that was just a teaser....more to come!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

So much fun! Your craftiness makes me want to puke, it's not fair for one person to be so stinking talented, share the wealth girl!! :)

The Child Family said...

CUTE!!! I must agree; that is an adorable Mr and Mrs Clause.
Wow, Cooper is very observant- I don't think i would have recognized the shoe change.
I am in no way surprised, but you guys did a great job on the ginger bread house!!! Love the mallow roaster, too cute!!!!