Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gym Envy


As I drive past almost any gym, I find myself coveting a membership and green with envy of all those people who have said membership. If the gym wasn't so far away I would actually seriously consider joining one.

For an hour plus a day, six days a week, I work out at home. It feels like I've been doing this FOREVER, and most days it feels like I always will because a gym membership is such an easy budget cut.

Every morning as I start which ever home routine I am doing for the day, I again find myself dreaming of a gym membership. As I crane my neck while running on my treadmill (a very dangerous venture) to make sure no little hands are getting too close, I yearn for a membership with a daycare.  As I pick various debris off  my back after laying down to do chest flys, I dream of kid-less bench pressing.


the phone rings
my downward dog pose has become a tunnel
middle little man is performing ear-ringing screeches
tiny one uses my plank pose to pull up to standing
jumping jacks ensure me I need to wear a diaper
4-5 poopy diapers need to be changed
I need to break up a fight
I pull tiny one away from DVD plug
I nearly catapult off of said treadmill
middle little man sneaks another cracker
tiny one invades the candy drawer and bites through all candy (wrappers and all)
I push pause for some kind of catastrophe prevention
all 3 kiddies sneak outside one door or another
big one tries to lift weights and drops them on his toes

...I sigh, keep going, and look forward to the day that I can work out at a gym.  And, 3 hours later, I am done and feel great for "enduring to the end".


Meredith said...

I'm sorry! I feel your pain. I am going back to the gym, and have to say that I do love it.
Every once in a while I consider cutting it so our budget is a little bit easier, but it is my ONLY me time.
You'll get there one day. miss you!

Jene and Megan said...

Amen sister!! I am with you!! I only have 1 kiddo but it's hard to work out at home. Although, I do love my home DVDs and so if I got a membership, I'd still do those DVDs a couple of times a week instead of the gym.

Jen said...

Oh Emily! You are trooper for braving it with three crazies running all over and around and on top of you!! You do look great though!!!

Kenda said...

I love this post! It's so true. You are so funny. Like I've told ypu before you look great girl ... keep it up.

The Allred Family said...

So funny. I laughed pretty hard at the needing a diaper part. That's doesn't change with a gym membership unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I also work out in my home and love the flexibility it gives me but i have serious gym envy as well. I had a gym membership for years and miss it dearly. It just gets too darn expensive to put the kids in daycare and pay the other membership fees on top of that. I feel your pain girl!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

I think you're awesome for enduring to the end. Working out at home is hard, but it's nice to have the flexibility. Takes a lot of discipline, so good job!

Tara & Jeff said...

wow! you are my inspiration!! i have a gym membership and never make ungrateful am I?? i am going to do a better job thanks to you! way to go working out at all amaze me!!!

Connie said...

You made me laugh with your post!

We have a gym membership, and it really isn't all it is cracked up to be. Wade loves to chat with all of his buddies. I work out twice as much as he does and avoid the chatting. We will be giving up our membership for the summer. It is expensive! We just found a gym in our area that is only $10/month for 2 of us. I don;t know if I can get him to change tho.

My hat goes off to you for what you do and how you look! I've watched you work out and it amazes me!! Love YOU!

Ryan and Andrea said...

You are hilarious! I can't stand working out & would never spend $ on a gym membership, but then again, my HOA fees go towards 4 diff FREE gyms & I use the gym once a year-maybe!! Good luck!!

Cara said...

You inspire me!!! Everything you do inspires me. Emily - you are AMAZING!!!!