Monday, April 26, 2010

Louisville Top 5 Moments

We recently took a VERY random last-minute trip with Jake to Louisville, KY.  He was going there for work so it was all expense paid--except for the extras.  Here's our highlights:
1.  Buzz Lightyear driving past Dinosaur World.

2. Holding Mickey Mantle's bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum.
3.  Finally having time with just my boys!
4.  Seeing the MASSIVE Churchill Downs Stadium.  ( That one's for you mom!)
5.  Adventuring through the amazing underground Diamond caves with Cooper insisting that he leads the way in the pitch black!

Thank you Louisville!  You were awesome!


Jen said...

That must have been nice to all get away together!

Rachel said...

looks like fun...what a cool trip!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

You do a lot of fun little trips--your kids are lucky!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

I LOVE last minute spontaneous trips! And how nice that the company paid for it :) Looks like it was a blast!

The Allred Family said...

Having time with you boys? As if there were girls that you spend WAY too much time with! :) Funny. HA!

The Child Family said...

Sometimes the random trips are the best!!!! It looks like you guys had a great time. Love the buzz driving shot :)