Sunday, November 15, 2009


I finally got off my lazy bum, bit the bullet, and just did Xx. It turned out to be one of our favorite! We made this cool picture and then went online and looked up creepy x-ray pictures. The boys had a blast!


Rachel said...

SO CUTE! Cooper is going to be the smartest kid in school one day.

B and K said...

Emily! (I burried this comment on one of your older posts in hopes that no one might accidently think this was gossip of some kind!)

Remember the other week how at that Women's Conference you asked one of the girls in my ward how far along she was (or something of that sort?) And she said that she actually wasn't pregnant (or something along those lines).

Well, don't feel too bad because I've come to find out - she actually made an announcement in RS the other week that she was FOUR MONTHS pregnant (which means she was definately preggo when you made a comment about it).

Hope that makes your day :)