Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Goals

Don't worry. I haven't given up on making goals I just haven't officially blogged them. I know many of your have been eagerly anticipating my list!

1. Perfect the Christmas hymns on the piano.
2. Make rolls for Thanksgiving that are actually good and tasty.
3. Make stellar Thanksgiving favors.
4. Reach my goal weight--FINALLY!
5. Finish the alphabet crafts with Cooper.
6. Make Froot Loop necklaces--and eat it!
7. Give at least one sincere compliment a day.
8. See "New Moon". Only once.
9. Go canoeing with the kids.
10. Plan a fun, different, creative date for Jake.


Rebecca said...

I CANNOT believe how skinny you are! you look AMAZING! Congrats! that pumpkin that Jake carved is really awesome. I didn't know he was an artist.

* said...

You need to post the roll recipe that you guys got from that guy last Thanksgiving...I want it on the blog! I can't remember the guys name. Starts with a J? Good luck on your goals. Post your thanksgiving favors too- before thanksgiving- I might want to copy them! :) :)

Jessica Sedgwick said...

ditto on what Rachel said. You have to make JD's rolls--they work every time. I made them at our last soup Sunday, and everyone said they were the best rolls they'd ever had. I was a little embarrassed since Dave's sister, Cathy, usually makes the rolls. I want ideas for Thanksgiving favors, too, since you're the "crafty" one. And how are you losing weight with all the Halloween candy lying around? You must have worked up some serious discipline. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the goals. You really do look amazing and are very inspiring!!

The roll recipe is on my blog if anyone wants it. It is my husband's Mom's recipe. They truly are the best!! It is tagged under roll recipe I think. www.ethingtonexcerpts.blogspot.com

The Child Family said...

OK I'll start from the beginning... the kids looked SO cute for Halloween!!!!! I'm glad you got to get together with friends and family for an awesome holiday.
Ethan has SO much hair, but it is so beautiful!!!!
You look AMAZING I can't even believe how much you have changed in 10 months since i last saw you, you go girl!!!!
The crafts are so crafty :)
Do Claire's kids do crafts with you every time or just sometimes?
Good luck with your goals, but I truly hope to hear from you before the end of November about how things are going :)

Amanda said...

Those are great goals! And they make me excited for Thanksgiving dinner :)