Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yet another month has come and gone and my procrastination skills have become more finely tuned. Someone commented the other day that I was really good at keeping my blog updated. I laughed, hard, in their face...and felt justified.

Check this out: Okay, this has got to be one of the funnier look-at-what-my-child-did moments I've had. We were waiting for church and when we came back in the room Cooper wanted to show us something. He had lined up these potato heads as "our family". From left to right: Ethan, Luke, Me, Cooper, Jake. I totally see the resemblance! I was actually quite impressed with his ability to put it all together.

Of course, there was some great photo op's we had to take advantage of :

On to Halloween which was MILD in comparison to last year. We only did one trunk or treat and then Halloween night. We came away with a combined total of less than half a pumpkin full! I was thrilled, the boys not so thrilled!

Cooper was spiderman, Luke was a cow, and Ethan was a monkey. Does this all look strangely familiar? Yes, I am cheap, we just hand down the costumes from last year. Do I feel guilty or like a bad mom? Absolutely not!
Fun pumpkin carving time! Jake "accidentally" smashed mine the day after I carved it. I thought it was a strange coincidence that his was unscathed in the incident. Oh well, mine was less than glorious.

Jake's masterpiece. Seriously, he has more patience in his pinky than I have in my entire body!

Jake's wonderful mother always puts on a spooky Halloween feast. I tried my hand at it this year. Actually, I think I did a good job and it was really fun. Definitely a tradition I'd like to keep up. We had petrified mummy halloweenies, bones with dip, blood worms, swamp juice, and forked eyeballs. Yummy!

Halloween night. Short but sweet. We went to Jordan and Amanda's 'hood because some guy lives there that used to work at Disney and puts on am AMAZING spectacle at his home. You have to see it to believe it. He constructs a pirate ship and then adds a haunted house on to his own home. There are people directing traffic, parking spots, and actors. It was really cool! Good thing because the homes were all so far apart that it took us about 2 hours to hit 8 homes.

First haircut. Always a sad moment that is prolonged until a dire need since everyone thinks your boy is a girl. I was terrified to cut his hair because it's so straight but it actually ended up okay.

Love that boy!

Love this boy, too! Doesn't he look like a genuine elf with his ears squished like that? Playing dress up while I cook dinner. Who says boys can't dress up?


Jen said...

Emily -- You are looking remarkably thin. How have you been doing that while chasing around those three munchkins???

And, always so creative with the holidays. . . honestly. You put my and my one child to shame.

* said...

You need to break up your posts more...I'm wanting to write so much that I forget half of what it is by the time I get to the comments! Jake's pumpkin- amazing. Who knew he was an artist? Ethan is looking more and more cute. And, you look so good! I cannot believe how much weight you've lost.

Amanda said...

Next year I will have to find a neighborhood where the houses are closer. Good thing the kids are too young to care that they only got like 3 pieces of candy!
Your pictures are so cute. Love that Ethan got his first hair cut. And love all the kids dressed up - such a fun holiday :)