Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Fun

In all honesty we were kind of lame this weekend. We did go to a really fun parade that was way too hot to enjoy! Check out Luke's sweat:Then we went to a fabulous hostess, Debbie's, house for a BBQ. You should have seen the size of her skewers! They had massive chunks of steak and chicken and then she had skewers of huge peppers and mushrooms. It was so gourmet!!

But...we couldn't stay long because I had to go clean the dental office. Yeah--go America! We did our own little version of fireworks after with our cheapy cheapy sparklers. Hey, the kids loved them and that's all that counts. Then we went to bed. The End.

Next year we'll definitely have to put a little more effort into it. I love to feel patriotic about our country and we definitely missed out on that this year. Favorite song: "Proud of be an American"--always gives me goose bumps!

Cooper touched the hot sparkler-ouch! (There is a blister there you just can't see it.)


Jessica Sedgwick said...

Emily, you look good, girl! Don't feel too bad about not making a big deal out of the 4th of July--Caleb and Hannah fell asleep before we could leave the house to watch fireworks. So we left them home sleeping while we drove down the street to watch from our car.

The Allred Family said...

It looks like Lukey was totally freaked out by those sparklers.