Monday, July 6, 2009

Craft/Gift Idea

Okay, this one's a winner! We had a birthday party for Sofia and Lilian this week. Well, their mom is super creative and one of those super interactive mom's. We decided to make them "Tubby Paints" for their birthday. So easy!! All you do is get a jar (I used baby food, of course) and add some dish soap in. Then you add a few drops of food coloring and shake what your mother gave ya! All done! It works like a charm. Cooper made a couple of jars for himself and he requests to jump in the tubbies all day long. Don't worry--it comes right off and really easily too! I'm in love!!

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Jessica Sedgwick said...

I don't get it---you just use soap and food coloring and shake it? How much soap do you use?