Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello blogging world!
Aren't those the cutest faces ever?
If we only had Lukey in this pic it would make it

Okay, seriously, it's been summer. We have slowed WAY down on crafts but
I sneak a few in here and there.
I totally delayed on "Q" because I didn't want to do queen...but he actually loved it!
Check out that crown!!

Benefits of living on acreage: camp whenever you want
and let the kids sleep in the house.
Love it!

Ethan is in that terrible "hold me always" stage.
I can't hold him always and he really doesn't like it.
What better to substitute for a mommy than
a jump-a-roo? If only he could figure out how to put any
type of weight on his legs!!

Okay, we read the cutest book this week by Keith Baker called "Hide
and Snake". It's basically a "Where's Waldo"
but easier and with a snake.
The kids have been obsessed!
We made a shape snake after and now I hide
it in their room for them to find. Cheap, easy
entertainment. That's my style!

I sewed!
Yes, I did!
I put together this little owl for Ethan after I spotted on a blog
called Nannygoat. I love, love, love it!
It took about an hour and has a baby wipes wrapper
inside so it crinkles. Ethan loves it, I love it.
You should do it.


Rebecca said...

that owl is really cute. i want one of those for amelia b/c she's always grabbing for things.

Jene and Megan said...

Cute crafts! Your boys are getting so big!!