Friday, January 7, 2011

Him, Him, and Him

Jake had a birthday...and we love him.
Baby had a birthday...and we love him.  Maybe now that he's 2 we should stop calling him "baby".  Or maybe not.

Lukey had a birthday...and we love him.

I would list all of the wonderful things about each of my boys, but let's be honest, getting a post up is a big enough accomplishment.  I don't want to set up any expectations for myself.

Just know that I love them all, dearly.


Meredith said...

Happy Birthday to all your boys!! Miss you guys!

The Fox Family said...

you look really good Emily!!! smokin! And wow that's a lot of birthdays for a lot of hims. ;)

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Happy Birthday to all of your boys!!

The Child Family said...

Happy birthday to those 3!!!!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Dec./Jan birthdays are tough--I have 3 also (all girls, though). I talked Lucy out of having a party this year. Am I a mean mom? And I totally forgot Hannah's birthday the morning of. I woke up, got her some cold cereal for breakfast, and started going about my day until Jacob reminded me that it was Hannah's birthday! Luckily I had thought to buy a cake beforehand, so I was ready to celebrate at least. Maybe next year I'll be more on top of things!

Bree said...

Hey! I'm still trying to figure out if this blog is in the point of view of Emily or Jake... but it looks like both and I just have to figure it out. In any case, love it. And love that you have all your boys-- totally cute. Enjoy it! :)