Monday, August 2, 2010

Major Catch Up Time!!

I don't know why I find it so hard to blog these days.  I get so far behind and then it's too much effort to catch up.  The kiddos are down for a nap and I really can't procrastinate any longer so here goes:

We have had an amazing and action-packed summer.  Blink and you'll miss what we've done:
Science Museums
Chocolate Delights
Sundance Relaxing
Hiking in Gorgeous Places with Lovely Family
Riding Lift up Sundance
Bonding (literally a couples massage) wish SIL's
Cousin Love
Snow in May??
Beau and Amy Hitched
Lovin' the Dancin'
Julie and Seth Married
Kodak Moments
Eating at G and G Anderson's--banana cream pie-nuf said
I love Meredith.  She makes me happy.
Mourning turning 30.  It was rough.
A lot of illegal Bible School for Cooper
Having fun
Cousins visiting and teaching my children valuable things
July 4th in the 'Hood!
More they all want to be pilots

Before you complain about how many pictures there are, just know that I spared you about 300 other ones.  Digital cameras have really caused my picture-taking to go up.  Now I have to scrap them all which is depressing and daunting.

Now I feel much better about myself for catching up on blogland so hopefully you'll see me around more often.


The Child Family said...

Good luck with scrapping those :)
oh it seems like WAY too long ago that you guys were here.... time for another visit, but i think it's about our turn :)
What a fun summer!!!!

Chad and Carole said...

Man, we would've loved to have seen you guys when you came out. Next time, right? You guys are super busy! Glad you posted. Thanks.

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

WOW, it has been awhile since you blogged! I made me miss you guys seeing those pictures of us on our massage day!

The Allred Family said...

fun pics...good recap. I never even talked about their marraiges. Rude, huh? Meredith makes me happy too...I really miss her.

Anonymous said...

you two are so sweet. I feel loved. That looks like one CRAAAZY summer. But, staying busy is good.....I love the illegal VBS. Funny.
Miss you too Em!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

What do you mean by illegal VBS? Was he not old enough or something? We missed coming to GA this summer!

Yes, good luck scrapping the 300 pictures. I guess that's why I gave up scrapbooking. You should look into doing memory picture books. So much easier, and it gets the job done. :)

Shapiro said...

Happy Birthday Emily! (Belated!) Thirty isn't so bad! :) You are beautiful! And I love reading through your blog when I get the chance! Hi to all the fam! :)

Bar M U said...

Hey! I was thinking of you guys and wanted to stop by to see what's new - looks like fun. The kiddos are cuties and sure are growing!