Thursday, July 29, 2010

Future Career Options

What do you think Cooper has the best chance of a successful career in?

A. Truck Driver

B.  Florist
C.  Artist
D.  Jailkeeper

No Joke story.  This is Lukey's "time out" spot.  Cooper was getting mad because he was coming out of the shower-->a big no-no!
Next thing I know, I come in and Cooper had rigged my mom's crutch up on the toilet so Luke couldn't get out.  
Who does that?
I laughed so hard, thank goodness Luke thought it was funny also! 


Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

I think he will do very well as a jail keeper! That's almost scary that he thought of that! It's pretty funny too!

The Child Family said...

that is an interesting time out spot for such a big house :)
Those Pics of Coop are so cute, and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you finally posted again, since this is the only way I know what's going on with y'all!!!!

Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

That is HILARIOUS! Cooper has such a cute personality :) I miss those little guys so much!

Ryan and Andrea said...

That is totally funny! Your kids are so cute & they will be successful-even as a jail keeper!!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Wow, I'm impressed. he definitely has a jail-keeper career ahead of him. Or a policeman.

The Allred Family said...

Wow, that is one of the funniest things ever! I didn't know that happened. Well, if Cooper really did that I would say you won't have to worry about Cooper's profession b/c he will be successful no matter what.